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Watch The Webcast Oct. 15, 2009

October 15, 2009

Second Alamance Co. Tea Party Held In Graham

October 15, 2009

Teaparties are an emerging kind of protest and one hit close to Elon for a second time this Saturday. Both old and young alike joined forces to speak out against what they believe is an expanding government, and what are Republicans really worried about: our future.

Fourteen-year-old Jonathan Krohn tells us what steps college students need to be taking. “You’re the ones that are going to be paying for all this.”

But party leaders are having trouble communicating that to college aged people. Republicans in Graham say they don’t think they can educate students alone. Something even Elon’s professors think is important: keeping up with current events.

-Melissa Lockley

Flu Shots Run Out Fast

October 14, 2009

Swine shotThe Health Center quickly ran out of their 1400 seasonal flu vaccines, canceling Wednesday’s flu shot clinic. On Monday, hundreds of students lined up in the Fireside Lounge to get their jab.

“Well I think there’s a lot of paranoia out there,” said senior Kristen Riggs. She gets a shot every year, this year’s no different. “I’m prone to getting sick, and anything to prevent that is, you know, good to go.”

The shots are for seasonal flu, and side effects are usually just a sore arm. No H1N1 flu shots are available yet, though the health center expects those in a few weeks.

But Alamance County received 200 doses of the H1n1 vaccine last week. This first shipment is reserved for medical workers, not the general public. They’re expecting more vaccines to come this week.

Elon will receive it’s own shipment of H1N1 vaccines from the state soon. The health center wants students to line up again in a few weeks for this new shot.

-Randy Gyllenhaal

Elon Senior Pitches Plan For Late Night BioBus

October 14, 2009

Lindner BioBus ShelterStudents who do not want to walk home from the bars call e-rides and safe rides.  But of the 12,000 who called only 64 percent stayed for the pick up.

Senior Daniel Miller is fed up with the waits, and the late night walking, so he decided to do something about it.

“A twenty minute walk at one in the morning or two in the morning– even if your just at the library is not a fun walk,” Miller said.

Miller created a Facebook group suggesting the busses should run at night and in a week it has nearly 9-hundred members.

“I sent out a message to the group and had about 15 responses on potential places and different stops to go,” he added.

Miller’s idea at the moment is to have the buses run from Trollinger to Partners Place.  He has already discussed the idea with bus director Keith Dimont who proposed a month test run.  His next step is to meet with Dean of Students Dr. Smith Jackson who said in a statement –

“I only have bits of information about the concept, so cannot give an educated opinion… I am not in favor of starting a shuttle just to pick students up at bars. But maybe that is not what is intended, and I do plan to meet with the student who emailed me to discuss his idea…”

-Tim Barber

Elon’s Equestrian Team Gets a New Trainer

October 14, 2009

Riding was always a part of her life. So when Meghan Stevens came to Elon and found out about the Equestrian Team, she joined right away. Now a junior, Stevens is the team President.

“I became vice-president half-way through my freshman year and then became president halfway through my sophomore year,” Stevens said.

One of her first acts as President was looking into riding at Townsend Farm where the team could be coached by trainer Anne Morgan.

“Meghan approached me last year in the spring and they were kind of ready to up their program a little bit and be more competitive and they knew I had experience at coaching IHSA,” Morgan said.

“I just really liked the place and so I called her up and took a couple lessons and really fell in love with the program over here and the barn,” Stevens said. “I love the barn owner, kind of just made the switch, I just thought it would be better for  the team, learn a little more, she had a little more experience and training.”

The Equestrian Team already had their first show where they placed fifth overall, proveing that beginning training with Anne this year was a good move.

-Jacquie Adams

Watch the Full Oct. 12, 2009 Newscast

October 12, 2009

Watch The Webcast: Oct. 8, 2009

October 8, 2009

Emergency Services Respond To Student Fall In Duke Hall

October 7, 2009

DSC00002Alamance County 911 tells Phoenix14 they received a call around 3:30 this afternoon for a fall on Elon’s campus.

Elon Fire Department, Campus Police and Security and Alamance County EMS responded.

Eyewitnesses say a student fell down the stairwell.

EMS carried a student out of the building and into an ambulance. No information is available on her condition at this time.

-Nick Ochsner

Gas Leak In Danieley Center Flat, Students Stuck Outside

October 6, 2009

IMG_0437Elon Fire Department is responding to a gas leak at Danieley J flat.

Alamance County Communications said the call came in at 11:16pm as an odor investigation. When Elon Fire arrived on the scene they discovered it was a natural gas leak.

As of 11:45pm — students were still stuck outside. An Elon firefighter tells Phoenix14 that students will not be allowed back in until the gas company arrives.

Vince Contardo, a sophomore, walked out of his apartment and smelled the gas.

IMG_0439Contardo, a trained firefighter, said after smelling gas, he called campus security.  Security then called firefighters in to the scene.  The source is thought to be the hot water heater near the building.

Kelly Drayton, a firefighter on scene, called the incident routine, and not too exciting.

- Monica Yantosh

Self-Defense Class Teaches Women to Fight Back

October 6, 2009

Ultimate Marshall Arts and Fitness in Graham is teaching women they don’t have to be victims.  “Every woman can protect herself,” instructor Shannon Edwards said. “She just has to learn to have the right attitude in order to do it, and sometimes just a little extra knowledge goes a long way.”

This Saturday, women of all ages took a class to learn how to stay safe. The session gave tips on how to avoid potential attacks.

A focus on empowerment taught women that their attitudes can keep any attacker at bay. They practiced walking assertively, making eye contact, and displaying confidence to ward off attackers. “It’s very important that women realize that they have enough self-worth that they are worth protecting,” Edwards said.

Oftentimes, women must defend themselves from someone much bigger and stronger.  They learned that there are ways to fight back, despite the size difference. And at the end of the session, the women broke wooden boards as an exercise in confidence.

If she could tell women one thing about self-defense, “[I] would tell them to do something is always better than to do nothing,” Edwards said.

Because sometimes fighting back is all it takes.

-Molly Dougherty


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