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Ever Elon Campaign Continues

September 14, 2009

A month after the economy took a turn for the worse last September Elon launched its largest fundraising campaign. Its goal is to raise $100 million and to boost the endowment.

In the months following the Ever Elon launch last October, the school raised $60 million, but in the country’s economic drought money has dried up. “It has certainly caused people to pause,” Ever Elon Director Chuck Davis said.

Since last year Elon has raised a little more than $7 million, which is a far cry from the more than $30 million left to reach next May’s financial goal. Though Davis says he’s starting to see it turn around.

“We’ve had some nice gift commitments that have been made in the last couple months,” he said, “and we feel like people are committed to Elon [and] to the goals and the values of the campaign.”

“The campus is growing, it’s getting a very good reputation even up north. I think one thing we do is we talk about it being a southern school and I say I would like it to be known in the east coast,” Elon Alumni Chris Martin said (class of ’78).

The Campaign is broken into eight specific categories. The three biggest include; $20 million for operation coasts, $10 million to preserve and build the campus, and $70 million for the endowment.

“We are, not to say that it’s not going to be a lot of work, because it is, but we are optimistic,” Davis added.

-Tim Barber

Ice Cream Store Opens In Gibsonville

September 14, 2009

On Main Street in Gibsonville the poor economy is still center stage. Rodney Sutherland knows that first hand.

“It’s bad when the pizza places ain’t even hiring delivery drivers.”

He lost his job at the postal service. His wife Jennifer watched as he struggled to find a new one.

Since he couldn’t find a job on the market, he created his own. The first Ice Cream Shop in Gibsonville, Scoops Express.

“Yeah, it’s been an experience, we’ve never, ever had a business ever before. Like I said this is totally new, a huge step into crossing the line of entrepreneurship,” Sutherland said.

In a healthy economy, almost 70 percent of new small businesses fail before their tenth birthday. And in a rough economy those numbers are much worse. But Sutherland has hope.

Sharron Tyll owns a jewelry shop right next door to Scoops Express. In this difficult time, neighboring businesses aren’t cut throat competitors. They rely on each other for help.

“In Gibsonville, it’s like a family community,” Tyll said. ” Everybody cares about everybody else.”

Scoops Express is located at 203 Main St. in Gibsonville. They have a Facebook page. Visit them here:

First Elon Cross Country Meet At Home

September 14, 2009

MoreBoysSaturday marked a special day for the Elon men’s and women’s cross country teams. Not only was it the first meet of the season, but it was also the first meet ever held at Elon.

Though Elon had the land for a cross country course, it was never developed. Then it became Elon’s turn to host the conference championship and Coach Christine Engel couldn’t pass that up.

“When it was our turn to host the conference championships there certainly was such excitement to be able to hold the even that we kind of got on developing the land and making sure we had a course that was a championship-type level course,” Engel said.

The course is the newest addition to South Campus, where the club sports field and driving range are. It begins on the club sport fields, then winds through the woods, across the driving range, and around the lake before the runners cross the finish line.

GirlsStart“Its 8,000 meters, which is 5 miles for the men and 5,000 meters, which is 3.1 miles for the women,” Engel said.

The cross country team is excited to finally get to race on their home turf in the first Elon Invitational. Later this year, the Southern Conference championship will be held at Elon.


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