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Privacy in Web 3.0 – What are the risks?

October 4, 2009

Internet1In Washington, D.C. Friday, the tech and web industries gathered for a conference on the future of the internet, hosted by the United Nations and the Internet Governance Forum.

Hopes were high for more connectivity in more countries. But the future can be dangerous too. Stephen Balkam worries about privacy. He runs the Family Online Safety Institute, and says as the internet advances, so does access to our personal information.

“All of this could start to get collected in a way that we’ve never seen before, and it could have profound implications on our privacy,” he said.

Kimberly Nguyen is a law student at Harvard. She participated on a youth panel that afternoon, and says she’s addicted to the internet. Her blackberry, facebook — you name it, she’s on it. But she’s trying hard to keep her online identity to herself.

“There’s always the threat that the information could fall into the wrong hands,” she said.

Internet2Kim wrote her law school dissertation on a Facebook feature called Beacon. Facebook tracked what users bought on Amazon and eBay, and posted that personal information onto news feeds on the Facebook site. Kim helped get that feature shut down.

“I think the main concern is the collection and disclosure of information without the users knowledge,” she said. “I think that happens a lot.”

And when the internet evolves, many at the conference say it will happen a lot more.

-Randy Gyllenhaal

Specialty Beer Store Opens In Burlington

October 4, 2009

DSCN0024If you’re sick of drinking average, watered-down beer, your taste buds may be exited to hear about A1 Brews, Burlington’s newest beer business.

“This beer has flavor,” owner Tom Gamble said.

The store is just past the corner of Church St. and Williamson Ave. in the Savannah shopping center.

“We have beers that taste like blueberries, coffee, and chocolate.”

The store has more than 350 beers from dozens of states and 17 countries. But the question is, ‘Will Elon students pay up to $17 for a six-pack when they can get a 24-pack for $14?’

“Trust me you don’t know what you got until you taste it, you know the difference once you put your lips on it,” Thomas Gamble, Tom Gables’ son, said.

Gamble said they sell custom made 24-packs for a discount as well as six-packs.

“Your paying for the flavor,” Gamble said.

-Tim Barber

Phoenix Soccer Player Just Minutes From Home

October 4, 2009

Phoenix soccer star Erfan Imeni has made a huge impact on the team over his four years in the program.

An extremely agile forward with great ball-handling skills, Imeni has had a number of spectacular performances that have led the program to some of its best seasons yet.

This commitment to Elon’s soccer program is nothing new, however. Imeni played his high school soccer just five minutes down the road at nearby Williams High, and played on various club teams from around the area. It was here that Phoenix coach Darren Powell took note of Imeni and began recruiting him.

Imeni may be a star on the field, but he’s made it clear that his commitment lies not only in soccer. He constantly remains a presence in Burlington’s soccer programs, “you’ll see a lot of the young boys out here watching him, and it gives them something to aspire to,” Burlington Soccer Club Coach Dave Myers said.

While both Burlington and Elon will be sad to see Irfan finish up his senior season, all eyes look forward to his possible future playing professionally.

Imeni has been a leader on and off the field, and, as Coach Powell makes clear, “players like that are hard to find.”

-Jacob Selzer


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