I-Team Investigates Greek Life Facebook Allegations

Greeklife1As a member of Tri-Delta sorority, Laura McCabe knows the buzz surrounding Facebook. That’s why she uses caution when putting things on-line.

“I try to use common sense,” McCabe said. “If you don’t want your grandma to see it don’t put it up.”

But not everyone on campus uses these same rules. That has lead to several Greek organizations facing a total of eight charges before the honor court.

Assistant Dean of Students Jodean Schmeiderer said that she is obligated to follow up on any tips we get that investigation includes using tools like Facebook.

“I can look at anyone’s pictures, if you think they’re private, they’re not,” she said.

But the controversy over using Facebook to catch students breaking the rules went a step further last week.

McCabe said she got a text message warning her about adding the suspicious student.

Last week a group of Greek students discovered a Facebook friend who had added hundreds of Elon sorority members but who didn’t go to Elon herself. Some students alleged that it was really Director of Greek Life Shana Plasters posing as a student. Plasters said that rumor isn’t true.

“I’ve got better things to do with my day then spend it on Facebook looking at pictures.”

And she has the support of Greek student leadership. The Pan-Hellenic Council sent out an email last week to sorority presidents telling them to stop spreading the rumor.

Even though plasters and Greek presidents have reached an understanding on this issue, she still recognizes the tension that exists.
Laura agrees… but said that tension between the administration and Greek members is inevitable.

“Any time you have authority, there’s going to be tension.”

Nick Ochsner

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