Driving to Distraction. Texting Now Banned

A new North Carolina law makes it illegal to text or e-mail while driving. You will face a 100 dollar fine if caught by police, but no points will be added to your license.

Arthur Goodwin works at the Highway Safety Research Center. He studies how young people drive and says cell phones are their biggest threat on the road.

“That’s about the same risk as driving while you’re legally intoxicated,” he said. “Habits die hard, we’re joined at the hip from our cell phones.”

For his research, he puts cameras in teenager’s cars. Video from www.Drivecam.com shows a young teenager glancing down to text, just as his car runs into a mailbox.

There are exceptions to the ban. Mobile GPS, browsing your address book and surfing the web on your phone are still legal.

That’s what makes this law tough to enforce. Police will have a tough time telling what a driver is doing with their phone.

“If you don’t see them talking, or you’re seeing them tapping on that cell phone, if they never put it up to their ear, yu can just about bet they’re texting,” said Lawrence Parish from the Alamance County Sheriff’s Department.

Randy Gyllenhaal

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One Comment on “Driving to Distraction. Texting Now Banned”

  1. […] Carolina’s ban went into effect last December. The latest state to enact a ban is Massachusetts. That state’s ban went into effect […]

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