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Student Calls In False Report In Wake Of Indecent Exposure Incidents

February 20, 2010

An Elon student is out on bond after being arrested for calling in a false police report according to Elon Chief of Police LaVell Lovette.

Lovette said the female student called 911 Thursday claiming that a man, similar to the men involved in indecent exposure incidents Monday night, was following her.

The student said she was in Moseley parking lot when a man pulled up beside her. She called 911.

In an attempt to discover the suspect’s identity, Campus Police pulled security video footage from the parking lot. Police determined there was no suspect on the video and pulled the student in for questioning.

The student then confessed to making the whole thing up.

“She was interviewed and finally admitted that she lied,” Lovette said. “We definitely don’t need to be dealing with false reports. We don’t need to be wasting our time on that.”

UPDATE: The student* spoke to Phoenix14News and said the call to 911 was legitimate. She said she was being followed and proceeded to get in her car and call 911. She said she is disappointed that her concerns were not taken seriously. More on this during our live show on Monday.

The Elon Police has been investigating two indecent exposure reports from this week. Chief Lovette says the false report distracted her officers from finding the real suspects.

Lovette told Phoenix14News that Campus Police arrested the student Friday morning, but Campus Police would not confirm this and refused to release her name.

The Alamance County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that she was booked through the county jail. She is charged with false report to police radio. The student is a sophomore at Elon.

She was released Friday on $300.00 bond according to Alamance County court records.

UPDATE 6/9/2014– The arrested student’s charge has been dismissed. Her name and mugshot are redacted.


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