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Assoc. Athletic Director Leaving Elon

March 2, 2010

Associate Athletic Director of Athletics for External Affairs Brian Tracy is leaving Elon University according to Director of University Relations Dan Anderson.

Anderson tells Phoenix14News that Tracy is going to University of Dayton.

No decisions have been made on who will replace Tracy or when any change will be made.

“[Athletic Director] Dave Blank is still determining how he’s going to adjust,” Anderson said.

-Nick Ochsner

McEwen to be a more “leisure”-ly and “sport”-y Place

March 2, 2010

With the reorganization of Elon’s education program, the School of Communications is picking up a new group of students and faculty this summer. And a bit of leisure and sport could do the incoming department and the School of Comm some good.

Junior Amanda Portoghese transferred to Elon for the Leisure and Sport Management her sophomore year. Now, she’s a major and a leader of the LSM Society on campus.

“I didn’t even know something like this existed,” Portoghese said.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning this semester, she heads to event planning class. But as she plans to lure in sponsors for a charity event, Elon’s got even bigger plans for her department. Dean Parsons of the School of Communications discussed with LSM students and faculty last Wednesday night.

“To me, LSM, leisure and sport management, fits really nicely with the School of Communications,” Parsons said.

The Leisure and Sport Management department will officially join the school of communications starting June 1st. The 120 majors and faculty of four have never had its own building or even a set of classrooms. For now, it’s stationed on the third floor of Powell. But in years to come, you can expect the LSM department to call McEwen home.

“We’ve been kind of the red head orphan children my entire professional career,” LSM chair Dr. Jim Drummond said, “so any stability’s always good for us.”

Dean Parsons assured the group that this move comes with no curriculum changes and LSM will still be its own entity.

“I don’t want leisure and sport management feeling like they’re being swallowed up,” Parsons said, “so we’ll be keeping the wall up between the departments.”

The only thing changing in the short run is the name, to something that better defines what the department is.

“When you say you’re a Leisure and Sports Management major,” Portoghese said, “people don’t necessarily know what that means.”

“The primary goal,” Dr. Drummond said, “is to better identify who we are and what we do.”

For Amanda, the switch is a win-win situation.

“I feel like from now on our major might keep growing and growing,” Portoghese said.

Dannika Lewis


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