Terrell Hudgins To Sign With Dallas Cowboys

Elon senior Terrell Hudgins has entered into an agreement to sign with the Dallas Cowboys as a rookie free agent, he said in an interview with Phoenix14.

According to Hudgins, he and his agent got on the phone as soon as the draft ended. They thought Dallas would be a good fit and the Cowboys agreed.

Hudgins expects to go to Dallas tomorrow to sign with the team and tour their training facility.

“I look forward to being able to get there and compete for a spot,” Hudgins said.

Although Hudgins was passed on in the seven rounds of the draft he will still have a fair shot at making the Cowboys roster.

Hudgins isn’t worried about the pay gap in salaries between him and the draft picks either.

“I’m just going in there and competing to the best of my ability and going to worry about getting paid later,” Hudgins said. “I just need to go in there and get a spot.”

Hudgins will be looking to follow in the path of former Elon safety Chad Nkang, a seventh round pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2007. Nkang made the Jaguars roster as a special teams performer, and quickly became a star on punt and kickoff squads. But he was cut in 2009.

In Dallas, Hudgins will be joining first round receiver Dez Bryant, the 24th pick from Oklahoma State. Although he would be added competition for Hudgins, Bryant’s arrival has triggered wide receivers Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd to demand a trade, according to dallascowboys.com.

According to bloggingtheboys.com, the Cowboys have also signed rookie free agent wide receiver Rashaun Greer from Colorado State.

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