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April 27, 2010

Ball Retreiver Acts as Moving Target for Golfers

April 27, 2010

David Hodges

It’s always raining at the Elon driving range for Elliot Sasaki. Harder than hail, dimpled white balls never actually hit him. His ‘trusty steed’ takes care of that. But the medal clang the rain makes when it hits his John Deere is loud enough to make Eliot leap up, and bump his head on the hard, uneven roof.

Eliot is a golf ball retriever at the Harden Club House driving range. He drives an armored John Deere Gator with five rolling, cylindrical ball grabbers spread in a V-formation across the front.

Despite the many pins and yardage signs scattered down range, the customer golfer only aims at one thing.
The man in the golf ball cart.


Blog Raises Questions About ARAMARK Prices

April 27, 2010

Ben Rungsrithong

An online blog has brought attention to Elon’s dining services once again. “A rip off” is how one student described the meal plan.

Disgruntled patrons have been venting their anger about prices that seem marked up, the fact that lay-math brings each meal plan to 10 dollars a pop, and that cash equivalency no longer applies, as it did last year.

The blog also compared prices at The Fountain Market, which is found on the first floor of the Colonnades, to those of Wal-Mart and Food Lion.

ARAMARK is the catering company that handles all the food on campus.

Jeff Gazda, Resident District Manager, answered some of the concerns that students were raising throughout the blog.

He responded to the accusations of raising prices by clarifying that Fountain Market, which is really just a convenience store, cannot be compared to a Wal-Mart or Food Lion due to the immense buying power of the latter two companies.

He implored students looking to compare prices at Fountain Market to those at the Kangaroo or other convenience stores in order to reach a more appropriate conclusion.

He added that the 10 dollar individual charge for meal plans pays for far more than just food. While the base of many students’ complaints were centered around comparing meal dollars and meal plans, he explained that the university takes a third of the 10 dollars right off the bat; additional charges are incurred by paying for labor and facility upkeep.

He maintains an open-door policy and is happy to answer any other questions and concerns from students regarding their dining experience.


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