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Elon / Burlington prepares for winter storms

January 13, 2011

By Jacquie Adams

The storm that dropped snow and ice on January 10 and 11 was the first snow storm of 2011, but it was not the first storm of this winter season. Still, many were unprepared, making trip to visit Todd Woodward, zone manager at the local Lowe’s, to stock up on the essentials unavoidable.

“We’ve got the bag ice melt or the jugs of ice melt for the customers,” Woodward said. “We’ve also got snow shovels and plenty of heaters.”

Winter storms generally instill panic leading to rushes in stores like Lowe’s to purchase shovels and other weather related essentials. With so much ice promised in this storm, products that melt the ice are in high demand.

There seems to be a contest between the shovels and the bagged ice melt, Woodward said.

Both items sold fast.  So fast, that supplies had to be re-stocked in the front displays.

In addition to the salt and shovels, Lowe’s also sells survival kits.

“The kit consists of a first aid kit, which we sell here, flashlights, batteries, you would need a two-way radio, of course the shovels and the ice melt,” Manager Lolita Tyson said.

Tyson said having a survival kit is even more important with this storm in case the ice causes a power outage.

“We’re supposed to be getting ice so of course you’re going to need that kit,” Tyson said, “and all of those items so you can keep in touch with what’s going on outside.”

Monday’s storm certainly won’t be the last storm of this winter season, but predicting when with enough time to prepare will prove difficult. Rather than risking a storm unprepared, it’s a good idea to buy supplies now to battle anything winter throws at you.


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