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Laptops can “toast” your skin

January 22, 2011

By Jeff Ackermann

College students may have to be a little more careful if using their laptops on their laps.

Overexposure to heat from laptops can lead to Toasted Skin Syndrome, a skin reaction that can permanently darken skin and lead to irritation.

Dr. Arin Isenstein from Alamance Dermatology  in Burlington, NC says heat exposure from laptops can affect our skin.

“The discoloration can become permanent even if you discontinue using whatever it is on your skin that is hot,” Isenstein said. “The other thing is that very rarely it has been associated with skin cancers.”

Although heat can alter someones skin, Isenstein said sometimes the discoloration is hard to notice.

“People don’t usually come to the office complaining of it,” Isenstein said. “Sometimes I find on it on patients and they weren’t even aware they had it.”

Studies show that laptops can reach temperatures as extreme as 125 degrees, making it very easy to get burned.

“The best way to avoid getting toasted skin syndrome is to avoid anything hot for too long a time,” Isenstien said. “Use your laptop on a table or a desk or use a hard surface to use in between.”


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