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Webcast February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011

SGA Executive President apologizes

February 3, 2011

By Nick Ochsner

Student Body President Taylor Martin has submitted a written apology into the official SGA Senate record.

Martin’s apology comes after he was found guilty on a minor charge of Conduct Unbecoming of a Senator in December.

Martin was accused of drinking in his office in the SGA suite in Moseley.

The SGA Judicial Committee found the allegation to be untrue but did say Martin acted improperly by bringing friends to his office to change after a sorority event late at night.

The Judicial Committee sentenced Martin to make a public apology to the student body. During the sentencing, SGA Executive Vice President Sam Warren– who chairs the Judicial Committee– told Martin the apology should be submitted to The Pendulum, Phoenix14News or made public through other means.

Click to view apology as it appears in SGA records

Before The Pendulum posted his apology on their web site today, Martin’s statement could only be obtained by going to the SGA office and requesting a copy. Students, faculty and staff were not notified that the statement had been submitted and the statement is not available on SGA’s website.

Phoenix14News requested an interview with Martin Thursday afternoon after obtaining a copy of his apology but he has yet to respond.


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