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SGA Update: Greek Life reviewed at Elon, New guidelines set for Judicial Committee

February 10, 2011

Phoenix14News sent reporters Nick Ochsner and Jason Puckett to Thursday’s SGA meeting. Here’s a review of what went on.

-Greek Life Assessment: Executive President Taylor Martin and SGA Adviser Jana Lynn Patterson briefed senators on the Greek Life Summit that was held last weekend. The summit focused on Greek Life at Elon and allowed leaders to focus on achievements and areas that need improvement. Martin was part of a Blue Ribbon Panel that formed last fall to evaluate Greek Life on campus. The full, 21-page report is due out in a few weeks.

2011 Greek Life Assessment SummaryA five-page executive summary was issued for last weekend’s summit. It includes some harsh language for Greek Life:

“Our organizations have strayed from their founding principles. Recent incidents have attracted a discerning eye on the health of our Greek organizations and questions have emerged if they are functioning in alignment with the university’s goal to be an institution of excellence. ”

The summary also found that students in Greek organizations on campus have, on average, higher GPAs than non-affiliated students and take leadership roles in other campus organizations, too.

-New SGA Judicial Committee Packet: The Senate spent the majority of Thursday night’s meeting debating a new Judicial Committee packet. This new packet will eventually replace the old guidelines previously set forth in the SGA Constitution. Those guidelines were removed last week in a slue of changes made to the Constitution. Former Executive Vice President Joe Slocum was allowed to present the new packet under a suspension of the rules since he drafted most of the new packet.

-SGA Budget Hearings: Executive Treasurer Matt Campbell told Senators that budget hearings will begin in a few weeks. Campbell said that student organization presidents should expect an email from Janis Baughman in the next few days outlining the process. Budget Committee hearings will be held February 27 – March 2. This year, organizations that are requesting $300.00 or less only have to submit their budget request but do not have to attend a hearing.

-Downtown Elon Construction: SGA Adviser Jana Lynn Patterson addressed the construction that has begun on the site where The Pendulum building formerly stood. “If there was [something we could do] we would’ve already done it,” Patterson said in regards to reducing inconvenience for students and other pedestrians. “It’s a temporary inconvenience for a long-term gain,” she said.


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