Inconsistencies with Bio Bus cause student complaints

By Joe Bruno 

Many students rely on the bio bus as their main form of transportation to main campus.  Recently, many students say feel the bio bus schedule is inconsistent, running late or simply not running at all.


Kaelan Dorr, a resident of Danieley N, said he has decided not to take the bio bus. “I have to walk that long haul every morning and every evening, it’s a terrible thing.”
Many students including Dorr use a site called NextBus. NextBus is a website based in Oakland, Calif. and provides an interactive countdown to the next bio bus arriving at any destination.
NextBus uses an algorithm to calculate when the bus will arrive. The calculations involve the type of bus, the expected number of passengers and the arrival times of each university.
NextBus claims its site is 95 percent accurate. One bus driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said that there are several possibilities as to why the bio buses are late.
“It could be fueling time, there could be traffic at McMichael when we are trying to get out in the afternoon, or sometimes the bus driver could be on break.”
Despite the explanations, until the issues get sorted Dorr said he is just going to stick to walking.
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