Greyhound Friends, a friend to all

by Sophie Nielsen-Kolding

Not everyone saves a life when a pet is adopted, but in the case of Greyhound Friends of North Carolina, more than 250 dogs are saved every year from being put down.

Greyhounds are most recognized as race dogs, but when racing days are over, many are put down. Greyhound Friends of North Carolina is located in Oak Ridge, near Greensboro, and is a small kennel that can accomodate about 35 dogs at once.

With dogs running around the front and back yards and napping in a line in the office, visitors don’t feel like they’re in a shelter, but rather a place where dogs and people work together.

“They’re adopted out, hopefully to their forever homes,” said Blanche Fedor, manager of Greyhound Friends.

Many of the employees also bring their greyhounds to work to keep them company. Fedor brings her dog Sport to work.

“He’s my friend, my best bud,” Fedor said as she reaches down to pet one of her greyhounds, who was napping behind her desk.

Fedor said greyhounds make great pets because they’re low maintenance, they aren’t picky eaters and they don’t need constant physical activity. “They’re chow hounds, so they’ll eat just about whatever you put in front of them,” Fedor said.

But adopting isn’t the only way to help, volunteers are also welcome. The dogs get plenty of good food and exercise at the shelter, but what they really need is some affection. And with that many dogs to feed, walk and look after, the shelter says they could always use an extra hand.

There’s a group on Elon’s campus that helping to promote their cause. Drew Hancherick and classmates in his strategic campaigns class are working with Greyhound Friends to promote awareness, get people to volunteer and help with fundraising. His first encounter with the dogs was when Greyhound Friends came to his class.

Hancherik said the dogs were great and he understands why they make such great pets.

“You know they weren’t like, running around the classroom making a mess, they’d kind of came up and they’d nuzzle you, kind of bump into you, just to say hey,” Hancherick said.

For more information about the Grey Hound Friends of North Carolina, visit their website:

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