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Doctors warn of Facebook Depression

April 12, 2011

By Joe Bruno

Doctor’s are warning teenagers about a new condition involving a popular social media website.

The condition is called Facebook Depression and if students aren’t careful, spending time on Facebook could lead could lead to obsession.

Seeing tagged photos, status updates and events can cause users to feel incomplete.

Elon isn’t immune from Facebook Depression. First- year student, Diane Bui, said she often felt lonely after seeing her friend’s have fun without her.

“I was obsessed with knowing what was happening at all times,” said Bui.

Bui said the effects of online depression hurt more than depression via face-to-face encounters.

“Personally, it hurts more,” Bui said. “But I feel like to everybody else, they don’t really notice it.”

Psychology professor, Maurice Levesque, said the rise in social media is adding to issues of depression and should be taken seriously.

“I think it’s to some extent easier to the bullies in that environment,” Levesque said. “They get to maintain some distance and almost some sort of removal from the person they are bullying because it is in some sort of online environment.”

The signs of Facebook Depression are similar to the signs of regular depression. They include feeling extremely sad, a loss of motivation and feeling worthless or guilty.

If you or someone you know, is exhibiting signs of depression, be encouraged to make a counseling appointment with the health center by calling counseling services at 336- 278- 7280.


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