Foreign sources could be at fault for high fuel prices

By Nicole Chadwick
Elon Senior Andra Penning will drive home to Gladwyne, PA for summer in two weeks. Unfortunately, it will cost her more than $150.

“I definitely am worried about having to pay,” Penning said. “I’m just annoyed because I’m realizing that significant parts of our budgets are going towards gas, and there’s not enough money for other things because gas is a necessity.”

Jim Barbour, economics department chair at Elon, said gas prices could be rising for a number of reasons, including foreign sources.

“We have to bring it in from somewhere else,” Barbour said. “If it was less expensive to bring it in from somewhere else, we wouldn’t have to pump it up the pipe lines now would we?”

With hurricane season approaching, the United States does not have the means to generate enough fuel to sustain the gas economy, which makes Americans, and college students, uneasy.

“We’re nervous period,” Barbour said. “And when we’re nervous period we’re looking for something to hook it on to, and that’s a good one.”

And this negative attitude scares Penning even more about the future of gas prices.

“There’s a very real, everyday impact on college students who don’t have a lot of money to get to and from school,” Penning said.

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