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Moving In Again

October 3, 2011
by Mallory Lane

After weeks of waiting, the residents of Hook Hall are ready to move back in.

Students move back into Hook

Two weeks ago, Amy DeNenno and the other second and third floor residents of Hook were told they needed to pack their bags and move out.

“They told us at 5:30 Friday evening and Saturday at 10 a.m. we started packing and it took us until 3 p.m.. to get all our stuff together and into moving vans,” DeNenno said.

The problem? Mold.  DeNenno and her roommate were told their room had it the worst.

“It was really disgusting,” DeNenno said.  “As soon as they pointed it out, we were like, oh lovely.”

As soon as the students were moved out, Physical Plant started working to get the mold out and be sure it wouldn’t come back again.

Director of Physical Plant, Robert Buchholz, says the problem is gone for good.

Students receive help from Physical Plant

“We took care of the problem and just as long as we can keep the space dry and the humidity down to where it should be, then we’ll be fine,” Buchholz said.

In the meantime, the residents can unpack their bags and get on with their freshman year.

New club promotes new cultural experiences

October 3, 2011
By Elizabeth Kantlehner

Studying abroad is a popular option for many Elon students, but not everyone can afford the expenses of a study abroad program. Elon now has a new club that helps students experience other cultures without leaving their kitchens.

Junior Julian Loubiere founded the Elon Cooking Club last year with some of his friends. They decided to stop buying the Elon meal plans, and use their passion for cooking to teach other students about new cultures.

“Before every meal we like to do a little research,” Loubiere said. “We like to be able to say that what we are doing is traditional, or not.”

Among the 300 new members is Lauren Snow, a freshman who has a passion for cooking. Her mother is a gourmet chef at home, and Snow loves to cook with her mother when she is back home.

“My mother cooks all of our meals at home, and I love to watch her, and sometimes cook with her,” Snow said.

However, Snow didn’t just join the cooking club for the food and the atmosphere, she also joined to experience other cultures that she may not be able to experience.

“I would love to study in Spain, but I don’t know if I will be able to. So this is like my experience in Spain or Mexico, studying and eating.”

After cooking for two hours, the members of the cooking club left with minds full of knowledge and stomachs full of Spanish food.

The cooking club is planning on meeting 8 times this semester, and is already planning French and Japanese themed nights.

NBA Stars Play in the Triad

October 3, 2011
~By Joe Bruno and Eric Halperin

New Orleans Hornets Point Guard Chris Paul returned to play in his hometown Winston-Salem last Saturday, and he brought some friends.

Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets PG

The “CP3 Allstar Pickup Game” was a charity basketball game hosted by Paul with superstar players competing.

The players included LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Stephen Curry, John Wall, Carmelo Anthony and Josh Howard.

The game supported Winston-Salem State Athletics and the Chris Paul Foundation- a foundation started by Paul to honor his late grandfather.

“My grandfather was about community, home and giving back,” Paul said. “Everybody always asks, ‘why here?’ This is home for me.”

The game was played at Winston-Salem State University, the alma mater of Paul’s parents.

The game was played in the C.E. Gaines Center named after the late Winston-Salem State Coach Clarence “Big House” Gaines, a close family friend of Paul dating back to his grandfather, Nathaniel Jones.

“For a lot of kids here at this game, they probably don’t know much about coach, but I knew Coach Gaines personally, and he used to come by my granddad’s service station all the time,” Paul said. “I know he’s in heaven smiling down and wishing he could be here.”

Oklahoma City Thunder star, Kevin Durant

The teams:

White 175 Black 146
Chris Paul NO Lebron James MIA
Stephen Curry GS Dwyane Wade MIA
John Wall WASH Kyrie Irving CLE
J.R. Smith DEN Raymond Felton POR
Josh Howard WASH Rudy Gay MEM
Kevin Durant OKC Josh Shelby MEM
Carmelo Anthony DEN Tristan Thompson CLE
Mario Chalmers MIA

Scoring leaders:

Player Points
Kevin Durant


Chris Paul


Rudy Gay


John Wall


Dwayne Wade


LeBron James


Post game tweets:

Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade autographs a jersey during a timeout

“Had a great time and run at CP3 All-Star Pick- Up game at Winston Salem St! Loved the crowd, they was in 2 it from the jump!! Much love WSSU,” LeBron James said via Twitter [sic].

“2nite showed how much we love ths game. Had a blast at @CP3 allstar pickup game…up next South florida Allstar classic a week from 2day,” Dwyane Wade said via Twitter [sic].

“Oh yea @John_Wall and @KingJames had 2 of the nastiest dunks I’ve ever seen! Wowwww,” Kevin Durant said via Twitter [sic].

“Had alot of fun with my NBA homies at the big bro @CP3 Charity basketball game at #WSSU… Thanks to all the people that came out,” John Wall said via Twitter [sic].

“Had fun at the game tonight. Felt good to be a part of tonight’s game! S/O to my brother @CP3,” Rudy Gay said via Twitter [sic].

For more information on the Chris Paul Foundation, visit their website at

Fellows program loses funding

October 3, 2011

By Elizabeth Kantlehner

The North Carolina government decided to stop allocating funds to the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program, an academic organization that provides scholarships and funding to local students who plan on teaching after they graduate. Elon’s teaching fellows program has 25 students, with typically 20-22 state teaching fellows.

When sophomore Kyle Keith learned that the program was being cancelled, he decided to go with other teaching fellows to Raleigh to lobby to senators and congressman to save his program.

“Teaching Fellows from East Carolina, UNC Ashville, and Appalachian State all got together and went to Raleigh for a lobbyist day for Teaching Fellows,” Keith said. “However, it didn’t go the way that we planned.”

Keith explained that when he tried to approach representatives, they didn’t have time to talk to him, or they brushed him off. He said that part of the problem was his age, but also because the representatives didn’t seem to think his program was important.

“I was told by one student from my district that he was trying to peel back 100 years of bureaucracy right now, and that my little program didn’t matter much to him,” Keith said.

While Keith and other Teaching Fellows were in Raleigh trying to save their program, Elon University professors were working behind the scenes to help save the program. Dr. Glenda Crawford is the director of the Teaching Fellows program, and she spent the summer trying to get current and former fellows involved.

“We alerted all of our students and alumni of the teaching fellows to contact congressmen and representatives,” Crawford said. “We made a concerted effort across the state to save our program.”

Even though the State Teaching Fellows program was cancelled, Elon will continue to give out National Teaching Fellows awards.

“I think that now we are going to have a more diverse cohort,” Crawford said. “Now, instead of having one or two National Teaching Fellows in a class, we can have up to 50 precent.”

Even though the funding for the State Teaching Fellows Program has been cut, current students that are State Teaching Fellows are allowed to keep their scholarships until they graduate, and are now eligible to receive the Presidential Scholarship awards as well.


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