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Elon football player indefinitely suspended

November 1, 2011

By Laura Levitt

Running back Jamal Shuman has been indefinitely suspended from the football team according to Chris Rash, Assistant Director of Media Relations for Athletics.

The suspension came following tweets Shuman sent¬†during Saturday’s football game.

Shuman only touched the ball once during the 48-28 loss to Wofford, and he turned to Twitter to express his anger. He complained about being sidelined, calling himself one of the best players on the team. He deleted the tweets, which were full of expletives.

Shuman turned to Twitter to apologize

He has since apologized on Twitter and Facebook, including a series of tweets Tuesday night after his suspension.

“I would like to send an apology to everyone who has been affected by my tweets. Everyone from the little kid who looked up to me or to the adult who viewed me as another young adult. I would like to say I am truly sorry for how I acted and very ashamed of myself,” Shuman tweeted on Tuesday night.

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November 1, 2011



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