Elon student produces his own mashups and electronic music

By Neima Abdulahi

Junior Nick Kuznacic is a music connoisseur who is taking part in a new music phenomenon known as mashups.

According to Kuznacic, mashups are made through the process of combining the lyrics, beats and background synthesizers from multiple songs to create a whole new song.

DJ Koozblah, as Kuznacic is known when he’s behind the disk jockey booth, spends hours on his computer crafting the perfect fusion.

“I’ll wake up and hear a song in the morning and then think of ways to remix throughout the day and different things I could do with it,” he said. “It’s a lot about trusting my instincts and how I am feeling.”

Kuznacic decided to invest in his passion for producing music when he purchased the Logic music editing software and a mixing board with turntables. He said that becoming a DJ has taught him an important lesson.

“It’s about paying attention to your audience and knowing what they want to hear and being able to give it to them,” he said.

However, Kuznacic doesn’t just stop at mashups. He also makes his own electronic dance music, which is much more complex to construct.

“It usually can take at least ten hours to finish one song,” Kuznacic said, “but I’ve spent months on a song before. Depending on your mood, things will sound differently.”

Kuznacic shares his produced tracks with his Elon audience by DJing at house parties and local venues, like West End Station.

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