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Phoenix14 News: February 6 Newscast

February 7, 2012

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Super Bowl more than a game for two Elon students

February 7, 2012

By Monica Yantosh

Senior Jenn Petinge is a New England Patriots fan, and knows more than just the names of the players.

“I don’t think I’m an expert,” Petinge said, “but I know, enough that I can understand all the games.”

And she’s not the only girl who knows the game. Senior Elizabeth Bushelow has followed the Giants for years, and not only watched the game, but followed every play as they happened.

“I would say I’m pretty knowledgeable about the sport,” Bushelow said. “I think there are a few things that my brother and my dad will attest to that I really don’t know anything about, but I know how the game works, I know how penalties work.”

Petinge has been a Pats fan since she was little, and that was thanks to an important person in her life.

“I’m the only girl in my family,” Petinge said. “My brother wasn’t born til a couple years after me, so my dad didn’t really have a son to watch games with or anything. So he kind of recruited me into watching with him.”

And although Bushelow may be rooting for the Giants, she and Petinge are on the same team when it comes to who introduced them to football.

“My dad’s from New York and my mom’s from North Jersey, and my dad’s always been a Giant’s fan,” Bushelow said.  “When we got season tickets I was about nine years old, and we’ve been going to games ever since.”

Bushelow lives outside of Philadelphia, but was able to have a piece of home, and the Giants with her here at Elon for the game, because she was joined by her mom and brother.

“I’m excited they could be here to watch the game with me because watching games with my brother is one of my favorite things to do,” Bushelow said.

And Bushelow was excited to be joined by her family as the Giants won the game by just four points, with the final score Giants – 21, Patriots – 17.

Warm winter weather source of uncertainty for local farm

February 7, 2012

By Mallory Lane

There’s something different in the air this winter – heat. Iseley Farms owner Jane Iseley says the warm weather has been a bit of a burden.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Iseley said. “I really don’t.”

Just a short golf cart ride down the gravel driveway, you come to a field of white tarps. Under those tarps are strawberries. The tarps are used for protection.

“It keeps them about 8 degrees warmer under the canvas than it would be without the canvas,” Iseley said.

But because the temperatures vary from place to place, it makes it difficult to determine whether to take the covers off the crops or not.

“In town they talk that it’s going to be 36 degrees,” Iseley said. “Well that is at an airport someplace and those temperatures are taken at five feet above the ground.”

Phoenix14 News spoke to WGAL weatherman, Doug Allen, who said the temperatures will remain the same the next few weeks. But temperatures aren’t the only concern for Jane.

“Strawberries cost $18,000 to put in,” Iseley said. “We’ve got four acres down there, so we’ve got a big investment.”

For now all she can do is wait, but Iseley said she is optimistic about the upcoming strawberry season.


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