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Elon Responds To Tornado

April 19, 2011

By Don Granese

The storm system that made its way from Oklahoma to North Carolina over the weekend is the deadliest since 2008. On Saturday when that storm reached Elon’s campus the emergency alert system was put to the test.

Around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, the first bursts of thunder and lighting were seen and heard.The campus emergency sirens alerted everyone on campus to get inside. Students who were enjoying the seemingly perfect weather earlier in the day ran to their dorms to take cover.

“I made sure that all of my students were aware that this is a Tornado warning. This is very serious,” said Rosie Towchik, a residence assistant in the Moffit building. Rosie and other students knew that the storm had become an actual tornado warning after receiving a text message and an email from the E-Alert service.

As an RA, Towchik is trained in emergency procedure and is responsible for the well being of students by making sure students in her building get to the bottom floor of the building in a tornado threat.

“The thing is to get away from windows. Get into the center of the building on the lowest floor possible,” Elon Provost Steven House explained. “My wife and I go into our laundry room. What I would actually do is I’d take some cushions from the couch and put it over the top of us.”

Earlier this month there was a technological glitch that left some Elon students without an E-Alert message concerning a separate Tornado threat. There were no reports of a glitch this past weekend during the actual storm.


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