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Healthy Eating on Campus, more than Dining hall choice

February 28, 2011
By: Sophie Nielsen-Kolding 

A campus with one of the most dining venues per capita, Elon students have over 10 places to chose from to grab a meal. But what concerns many students, whether the meal they grab is healthy, especially since all freshmen and sophomores are required to have a meal plan.

Jeff Gazda, resident district manager for ARAMARK, said with all the many options offered at Elon, students can chose what and where they eat.

“You can hardly swing a stick here without hitting a dining facility,” Gazda said.

He said that he thinks the students should be responsible for the basic knowledge of healthy eating habits,in terms of what to eat and serving sizes.

According to the daily calorie intake for a moderately active, college age male is 2800, for a college age females it’s 2200. Friday night’s Beef Brisket is 380 calories for a three ounce slice, well within the recommended allowance for dinner.

While it might be hard to calculate calories per serving, gives an easy tip. Half of your plate should be colorful vegetables, one quarter should be starches, like rice or potatoes, and the last quarter should be protein, like meat or fish.

Gazda said the time a student chooses to eat is just as important as the food choice.   that there are also other things that play into your health.

“You might eat at one of our locations at 1(o’clock) in the morning,” Gazda said.  “Those are the types of things that really make a big difference.”

So along with eating well at the right times, Gazda said students should remember to exercise and get enough sleep.


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