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Illegal parking prompts students to take action

February 28, 2011

By Jeffery Ackerman

For those who face a disability, Elon offers an array of accommodations, from extra time on tests to handicap parking spaces. But when those accommodations are used for other who do not need them, an injustice occurs.

But for Junior Jess McDonald, who broke her foot a few weeks ago, it’s been hard to get around campus.

Campus police and student vehicles have been parking illegally in handicapped spaces, and making it difficult for students like McDonald who have a pass but no where to park.

“I have to come to Colonnades before and there will be one spot left and it will be the furthest spot away when there’s two police officers closer,” McDonald said.

McDonald said its time that others on campus know about the issue.

“I guess we just need to keep an eye on what’s going on,” she said. “If things don’t get better maybe we can have some kind of awareness raising event.”

Maggie Castor, junior and friend of McDonald, said she was outraged that University vehicles were taking up the reserved spaces. She decided to do something about it by first reporting the police officers using handicapped spaces to campus security.

“That was sort of awkward because I was reporting the police to the police that were doing it,” Castor said.

She said campus police officers still need to be ticketed like any other driver.

“You’d see the campus safety officer driving around looking for people who were parked inappropriately,” Castor said. “For some reason you’d never see them ticket police officers or other university vehicles.”

She then took the issue to Facebook,hoping to raise awareness among other students, who were also parking in the spots.

Castor and McDonald took pictures of campus dining vehicles taking up handicapped spaces, and aren’t sure why it seems to her Campus Police haven’t done anything about it.

Chuck Gantos, chief of Elon Safety and Police said they have looked into the issue and found one officer who did park in a handicapped spot.

“It better never happen again,” Gantos said


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