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Music major serenades with the saxophone from his dorm window

November 14, 2011

By Ryan Greene and Kathleen Harper

North Area residents are treated to saxophone music on an almost nightly basis, however, not many people know who the man behind the music actually is.

Freshman A.J. Burgess plays his saxophone from his third floor dorm window. At night, Burgess’ saxophone can be heard all the way from the north area of campus to just outside of Mosley.

Although Burgess plays for an audeience by keeping his window open for all to hear, he says he likes to keep a low profile by generally playing his music with the lights off in his room.

“I’m a pretty shy guy naturally, and I don’t like all the attention,” Burgess said.

The song he is famous for playing is from the hit YouTube video, “Sexy Sax Man.” Burgess started playing the song after hearing his friend Mark Inge play his saxophone in the Colonnades.

So far, the responses to Burgess’ playing have been positive, especially from people living on his floor.

“I saw him walking down the stairwell the other day with the saxophone in hand, playing the stereotypical song,” said freshman Matt Albers. “He’s hanging out the window and all sorts of stuff. It’s cool. It’s very cool.”

Burgess says his favorite part about his hobby is hearing all the reactions he gets from people listening outside.

“Probably the best reaction I’ve got…there were people outside walking and they started singing along to it,” he said. I hadn’t heard the song before my friend Mark had told me about it and it was nice that people knew the song and they were singing, too.”

Although Burgess, a music education major, is known for his nightly sax music, he is also heavily involved in various music programs, including the Elon Jazz Band and the brass quintet. In addition to the saxophone, Burgess plays the tuba, trumpet and trombone.

“I’m just a guy who likes music, I guess,” Burgess said.


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